Modular vehicles - Rocket Launcher and Tripple Gun

Today’s progress: Rocket launcher, triple gun + some improvements in the tank. And much nicer tires :wink:


Okay stop it! This is really good! Are you building it for a game or just creating awesome models?

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Haha :smiley:

I’m just learning Blender while following characters course. Trying to put a twist on things that Grant is showing (so instead of 20 minutes per lecture it takes me couple of hours :sweat_smile:).

But obviously when I was taking screenshots the question “what game could I make with those” came automatically to my mind. The first answer is to do something along the lines of Toon Tanks, but maybe without the “toon” part and with more stuff in it. Definitely, I’ll put them in Unreal, but if I will make a game out of it I haven’t decided yet.