Modular Sci-Fi Vehicles with Grant Abbit

Took way too much time with this one, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Light Car:

Medium Car:

Heavy Car:

Heavy Car Variant:

Heavy Tank:

Spider Tank:

I made all parts rotatable and functional. I would love to come back one day and animate all of these. That would be a blast :slight_smile:

Any thoughts or feedback?


I Think You Are Doing really Great Work Keep Going :smiley:

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Please teach me how to create!

These are all looking great. I’m especially loving the “big boy” in the back. Very nicely done!

Very bright and shiny! Clean warfare only. Great illumination to help enemy targeting systems.

Great looking models though.

For parade square use only. :rofl:

Those look great! Now I want to skip what I’m doing right now and jump to character course :smiley:. Need to resist… :sweat_smile: