Modular Dungeon of Wine and knowledge

I’ve been working on this and finally got it to a place where I’m happy with it enough to move on.

I learned a lot this time around and I think I might come back to this one down the line to fix some of the small issues. Example: The modular walls work well side by side, but stacking on top of each other could’ve used more work and Likely a modular set all to themselves.

Some hero shots

My Modular setup

Objects I used to clutter the enviroment

I am really happy with how well this low-poly stairs turned out - even though you don’t see them in the render animation I wanted to highlight them here.

A mediocre design for the handle - I am however happy with how it turned out. I added a fresnel effect to the material on the sword used in the scene as I wanted it to stand out and seem a bit… mystical? I was going for a sword in the stone sort of vibe.

A collapsed ceiling needs debris. This was fun to make and I think it sells the idea to a large degree.


Well done!! I especially like the animation. :grinning:


This is impressive. I can see the amount of work you’ve put into this!


Impressive. It’s a whole castle.
An excellent set of constructive elements. And I like the decor. I especially like the barrel’s stand. And a hole in the ceiling.


Outstanding job! I really appreciate the imagination of taking the basic dungeon objects and telling a story with them. I’m sure your creativity will take you far.


Thanks for the kind replies!

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Really great job with a lot of extras and thought gone into stocking hte dungeon.


Aaah! These are amazing! I love the stairs and books and all the little attention to detail.

The collapsed ceiling piece is a fantastic touch, and I love the books, and the racks for the wine barrels. 100% would enjoy running a game character through this environment as a level.


This is brilliant! Great work!

Its so good, that in animation i feel lack of moving lights from torches. :slight_smile: You can add this if you fancy, its probably enough to add some minor quasi-random movement in z axis for point light (if you use point light, but I think its cycles with emission material?) or in power, size or even in color.
2 Little tiny, tiny things I notice is lack of sky in ceiling hole (one can argue, that there are grey clouds) but same is with the windows. I would also personally add more light from the sky near that hole. Volumetrics would be sweet too :wink:
But thats only for the render - the dungeon itself is awesome!
Sword is fantastic (with fresnel - great idea). Debris is great. All the details, books, bottles, cup etc - superb. Stairs are also very very good (and its not an easy object to model imo), I think there might be one issue with n-gon on 4-th step, where you added the dent.
Anyway, I really appreciate the work you put in this! Well done once again.


Thanks for the great feedback!

I did want to animate the torches but I felt like I had to simply move on from the project. It does distract from the animation I agree. I do want to go back to this project once I’m done with this course and fix some of the things that nag me about it. The torches being a big one Volumetrics being another.

Now that you mention it you’re right - I don’t think I added a proper sky. Add that to the list along with fixing those stairs - good eye!

Thanks for the kind words and great crits!


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