Modular Dungeon material render

New year, new class! I had a lot of fun making these walls, so I wanted to share a render.


Looking good!

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Nicely done! You really nailed the bevels on those bricks. It must’ve taken a long time. But the best part of this is the smashed faces you got. Looks really slick.

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Quality modules.

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I actually didn’t use the bevel on the bricks! I cut my plane into squares and then grabbed pairs and extruded to get the long brick shape, and give me a middle edge to modify the shape with. and because I extruded each brick separately, they all have a subtly different depth.

I prefer extruding /insetting over beveling because extruding always leaves you with quads. I come from a Maya background, and my previous teachers drilled the rule of “no N-gons” in really well XD


Thanks for telling me how you put it together! I’ll have to give this a shot next time when I go back and fix my own walls.


Let me see how it goes when you do!

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