Modular Cottage + extras

Enjoying the course so far! What do you think?


It is looking good as a block model.

But being an old type of construction and materials (clay, wood).
It looks too mechanical.
Wood and clay deform over time.
And it is handmade, so symmetry is less. No straight beams, roof, etc.

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thanks for the feedback! just an fyi, I wasn’t going for old but more current. I wanted to follow along with the course but not just make the same thing as the instructor cuz that seemed too easy. I used German cottages and tudor revivals as reference material, also no clay is being used its all made of wood with slight deformations. How would you make it more interesting? Do you thing it still needs more deformation?

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Ok, I understand. You do the next level.

I think so! As a viewer I interpreted the building as an old, centuries ago, building. Nothing new, all hand made and therefor more handmade.

ok, ill keep that in mind as I continue and refine

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