Modular asset section of the course

Today I discovered that the section I was waiting for, was finally completed, and I was elated. That was, for me, the most important section of the course, the section I brought the course for. Finally I could make my assets, learn LOD’s, bump maps, normal maps or any of themes explained in the old course, all of this in blender 2.8.

I have spend all the afternoon watching the videos, jumping forward looking for something like the old course. Don’t get me wrong, the teacher is good, he explains the concepts clear and concisely, so I have nothing to say to his performance. But, and there is a big but, where is ALL the information? Where is … something new that was explained in the old course? In this section, we basically extrude, bevel and merge vertices… There is a very (very!) small introduction to UV mapping. Nothing more.

I have to say I am very disappointed: waiting so many months for a section and then watch it reduced to a little more than a introduction of the old one… Yes, I know, I can watch the old one, and I will finish it. But this is not what I was waiting for.


I didn’t see the new course additions. But I did follow three blender courses.
In all those courses the Blender aspects aren’t explained in very very high details.
What you to learn are the basics of Blender. The rest is up to you to explore more, using Blender manuals.
Or online YouTube tutorials.

I can say in the 2.78 courses (Yeah I did that one), the UVMapping was a very basic.
What helped me understanding UV-Mapping better (more productive), where the parts in de “Blender environments course”, and the new “Character course”, made by Grant.

So I can understand your feelings, mastering UV_Mapping, but why not discuss your problems here on the forum. Maybe we can help, maybe the teachers can adjust some course parts. And of course, Blender is changing rapidly, It’s different to keep track of the changes.

Have fun.

I brought this course just when the first section was remastered. I had just discovered a free program named blender where I could make my own assets. That was my level: zero knowledge. I have learned a lot with this course, and I recommend it to any first user of blender.

But, when the remaster of the section began (Bonus contend now) I was elated. I have learned enough to begin the process of making my assets, just my objective. Then the remaster stopped for moths, and when finally it began anew, all the content was dumped in a Bonus section and the section was remastered without any new information. I have to ask: what new knowledge is taught in this new section not taught in others? It seems to me a large step backwards.

It is not only UV Mapping (basic), it is how to bake textures (normal, bump, AO…), how to export it to a engine, how to make windows (glass), LOD’s and a lot of new content…

I can understand that all this material is perhaps not for a beginners course, but it was there when I brought it. I know I can access to it, and I know enough to be able to follow it even if it is another version of blender and the commands are not always the same. But it doesn’t mean I am not disappointed in this new section, more so taking into account the long waiting time.

Even so, I recommend this course to any blender beginner, and I have the other courses to learn UVmapping.