Modern Bedroom

The first room I’ve ever created in blender and also the first thing I’ve created on my own just with a simple image from google. :smile: Right now it’s still pretty empty and I could look for a better Sky Box but I like it so far.

Feedback appreciated :wink:

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This is very nice, the only thing I can see at a first glance is that you could organize the screen better by adding empty and parenting objects like the bed or the table. As an overall it is a very nice low poly room :+1:

if you decide to join your meshed instead of parenting them it could help you to make vertex groups

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I like what you have done, especially the piping on the headboard. Agrees, a different environmental background would add a different flavor to your scene but, what you have currently seems to work well.

You might want to consider pillows or a bolster for the bed and maybe a couple of pillows on the floor? Something it a complimentary color to the nice painting/art work you have on the wall.

This is a matter of personal taste. For my tastes, I would of chosen a much lighter color perhaps a medium beige or tan for the walls something to offset the darkness of the floor. Something between the white of the furniture/ceiling/other window (? on right wall) and the dark brown of the wooden floor. It would be what I would look for and it probably would be something I would have to tweak to get it to look just right.

A quick search on the Internet (see link below) perhaps the H or I swatch on the left might be good colors I would play around with. It looks like it lists CYMK code on the left, with RGB, & Hex settings on the right. It looks like this is a site to sell you a book but are many other color palette resources out there. Again, it is a matter of personal tastes.

Creative Color Schemes

Great job! It is a really nice scene and look forward to see more of your work. Thanks for sharing it!

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Thanks for your long reply! I’m looking forward to add more to the scene, maybe a tree outside of the windows/ glass doors, books on the table and of course pillows and a blanket. I personaly like the color of the walls, maybe a bit too dark but it represents a nice contrast to the picture/painting I guess. Anyway, also thanks for the link.

Sounds like you have a plan! So, keep us updated on your progress.

Yep, color and creativity is personal choice, as it should be! Everyone can offer opinions but art is up to you, the creator! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

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