Models :D (A large image dump)

I may as well make this thread as one big dump so I won’t have to spam threads.

But before I move on to what I’ve made, I absolutely love this course. It has taught me so much already, and explained to me many of the features I haven’t known the inner workings of previous. Especially the Editing an Object vs Transforming an Object. So, so, so, so helpful as when I tried to animate things like helicopter rotors in the past, they’d flop all over the place and I couldn’t understand why. It also helped me understand why smoke domains should be moved about in Edit Mode to work properly.

Anyway, onto the works.

To start off with, here is my “Mayan” pyramid that was worked on for several sections. I put it in quotes because I doubt my detail choices happen to match up with any actual historical designs. I just did whatever looked nice. I made a door way, but didn’t realize we had to actually make an inside, but I think in the end what I did worked out fine anyway. The door is there by implication.

They’re just colored to make it easier to see.

Up next is something I actually did full model earlier on in the course, around The Mid-Section Quiz 3. That was a mug. While the handle could use some refining, I was still fairly pleased with the results. It is actually available to download on my dA page, which you can find linked on my profile. (Can’t remember if linking to outside sites on posts was allowed or not.)

Now, for the actual extra challenges. Since I had already done the mug, I stuck with doing two things for now. First is a very simple sign like thing for a wall I have in my room. Like a little wooden slab with text on it that can be hung on the wall if that makes sense.

Finally, here’s a very low poly/low detail fox. As can easily be noticed, I did a lot of cylinders, trying more to focus on the “idea” part rather then the actual detailing being correct. The only part I wasn’t sure about was the head, as I don’t feel it translated well. But otherwise, for what it’s meant to be, I think it turned out alright.

Thanks for stopping by, and here’s to learning more in the next section! :smiley:


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