Model won't rig on accurig or mixamo

It is an unusual model, I know, but I want to make unusual things. Is it bc the mesh isn’t full continuous?

and I secondary question: if I rig it myself, will accurig or mixamo map animations onto that?

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Unsure what you mean? Do you mean “Manifold”?

For animations, you need extra mesh data on places that are going to be bent.
Or at places where you need more mesh to sculpt specific details face, teeth etc.

If your model is non-human or very different then you can expect problems.
The bone structure, called the armature is designed based on the human body.
Mixamo uses this human structure to place the animation.

If you create your own bone structure, then there is no overlap with the Mixamo model and a strange animation will occur.

What you can do is base the main sculpture on a human body rig. And other parts with homemade bones that you animate manually.

If this is your first attempt at sculpting, rigging, and animation I advise you you stick to the course and learn the basic steps first.
We know, we all want to create the things we have in our minds. But it’s a long way to learn the process and all its difficulties.

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I think yeah, this is the kind of thing that I like, but I think that I need to go backwards and create a simpler even more humanoid model, and then rig that. And step by step work my way into more complexity.


Yes, it would be advisable. Learn the process, like the armature, how to create a walk mode, and replace your walk mode with Mixamo. Then add different animation sequences to you model. Mix them in the Blender NLA editor. etc.
Slowly add difficulties to your project.

Just have fun and ask questions if you need so.

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