Model rocket and a church by night

Hey Community,

wanna share my little model rocket as my “first own blender creation”.
In case you got any advises, head forward and show me :slight_smile:
i’ve re-created the church-scene but im struggling with the light by night.
That said, i’m really unhappy with my Chruch-scene because of the light… i wasn’t able to make the whole image brighter but at the same time keep the lightsources from the moon and spotlights.
mostly i render in both, eevee and cycles but usually i prefer the Raytraced ones.


Welcome to this site.

Fun rocket not flying but in a storeroom!

Fine church at night. Floodlit?


Yes, dark scene are difficult. So try daytime models.
And when lights are explained, then do your night scenes.

Use the object smooting option on your rocket!

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