Model and workflow changes: Double aisle Cathedral

As I worked on the cathedral model I decided I had to change a few things:

  • I started with a single aisle cathedral but liked a double aisle better so started afresh with a new model
  • I kept working with arrays and these renders are arrays of 2 buildingblocks; de supportblock (where the pillars are attached to) and the WallBlock (where the windows are in). I made a separate TranseptBlock and will make a separate ChoirBlock. Will make the towers separate also. So I expect to construct the cathedral from 6 blocks using array and mirror modifiers.
  • Workflow: I made all these parts in one blendfile on different layers for the different Blocks. When the blocks are final I will put them in separate final-blendfiles and and link these to a final-Cathedralfile where everything is assembled by linking.
  • Scale: I had to scale up to real sizes to make sure the proportions of windows etc. came out right. I made a ReferenceMan with a height of 1.80 meter. Heigth of the Nave is about 38 meters (about the height of the Notre Dame of Paris)
  • Detailing: I will use vertexgroups to easy select and edit the basic parts of the buildingblocks.
  • Textures and materials: I will try making all the textures procedural
  • Renders: I made these Nave renders in Eevee. These are 10 sec renders of 1024 samples at double res. There are still glitches in Eevee as you can see; there are some artefacts in the renders. But the advantages for good testrenders are enormous using Eevee; there is minimal noise!! The last Render of the Transept is done with Cycles; 128 samples about 60 secs and half the resolution of the Eevee renders…


Awesome Work.

That’s fantastic! really grand…
Perhaps I might give Evee a try too.

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