Model a Dragon - Blocking out

I am in the middle or more toward the end of blocking out a dragon. When I got to the wings and have the arm and fingers positioned and rotated. I saved and came back to look at them again later. I have decided that next time I am going to leave the wing not rotated so I can place the wing’s skin plane onto it easier. It seems that the plane will be easier to put into the correct place without the rotation off of the X axis.
Once I finally got the skin of the wing set into the position that I wanted I added the Solidify modifier and had the plane stay in the middle and the solidness go out both sides. I think this made it easier for the wing bones to show on both sides of the model.
I am going to launch Blender again tomorrow and finish adding the fingers, toes, and claws.
I am enjoying this class and am anticipating getting to the sculpting part.


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