Modding Kerbal Space Program

Who would be interested in this?

Vote now, I’m sure @Michael_Bridges would like to work on this.


I would love to, I have over 100 hours of gameplay on Kerbal, amazing game!


I would be very interested also.

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Meh :confused: I would rather make my own game, then to mod someone elses.

Please support it on the voting site and spread the word.

@Kimset I understand where your coming from, my very limited experience of modding other games is you gain a lot of experience with other game styles which is valuable , in this case a highly rated game. If that doesn’t do it for you. Your modding with Ben, that’s like a free expansion to the course you paid for…win win :wink:

*edit my crazy auto correct mobile…my dream is to create an auto correct app that does not want to make you sling your phone at a wall!!

I am not sure whether KSP hour total is PC and MAC but I can’t be far off that either :slight_smile: love the game!