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Hello everyone!

For my 2024 resolution I have decided to revamp my entire portfolio and go back through and redo each course on Udemy that I have for programming. I am doing so as I am closing the end of my Master’s in Software Engineering and really want to pick everything back up. I started with the Complete Unity Course 3d, as it was the first course I bought on Udemy back in 2015.

Fast forward I have done quite a bit in Unity and programming, gotten my degree, and want to revisit these projects - only BUILD on them.

The first project from the course is the Obstacle course game we make. That’s fun and all, but what if I take that and turned it into a single player Fall Guys clone, add some mobile controls and have that as my first project of the year.

I have started record some of this work, albeit a bit late, for YouTube dev logs of my progress. Ok, ok, so no more delay - here is Viking Raiders!

Viking Raiders is a single player 3D PvE obstacle type of platformer. The goal of the game is to reach the end first, or at all, to keep raiding different levels. There will be lots of different obstacles to evade, and death is probable. The game is designed to be a simple PC / Mobile game that can be played with a D-Pad / Joystick and a spacebar / Jump button.

Here is the demonstration of the sandbox currently in progress:

There is a wide range of different obstacles to avoid, and here are just so so far:

Boogy Pad
The Boogy Pad is a rotating column that had surfaces to jump on top of and to ride to the other side. Those who fail to make the jump will find themselves in a painful death.
NOTE: Still working on how to get the AI to get onto this.

The Dropper randomly drops a random droppable item from a array of game objects that are loaded into it. Currently the objects are only stones that are used to roll down hills towards the players and knock them over.

False Wall
The False Wall will be used to lure the players down various paths, where only the correct path will collapse when collided with.

The Launcher is designed to fire a preset projectile straight across. These act like archers, or arrow launchers. Currently they are bugged :frowning: , but at one point were working fine! WIP since I don’t have a mesh decided yet.

The Spinner is an obstacle that is long and box like, and is designed to spin in a random direction at random speeds. Very fast spinners can knock players down, where most spinners just push players around. Some Spinners have game objects that act as spikes and will kill a player on contact.

A Swinger is a game object that swings back and forth on a point. There are currently two types of swingers; the axe and the club. The axe prevents those trying to run through it, and kills anything that comes in contact with its blade. The club is a swinging object that pushes players away.

A Tilter is a game object that sits flat until a player jumps on it. They are designed with rigidbodys that lock most of their constraints, so that they will flip and rotate on certain axis.

Trip Trap
Finally, my favorite - the classic Trip Trap. This obstacle comes in two pieces, the trip and the trap. The trip portion can be setup anywhere and once a player makes contact, the trap will be unlocked causing the objects to roll downhill knocking over / killing players.

Probably the most fun thing I have worked with, that I never have done before was adding a ragdoll and having it trigger when killed - making some COOL death animations.


So far that’s it for now, I have a large Trello board setup that has most of the goals to finishing this game, and feel free to comment any other obstacles you would like to see, or follow along for development progress. Feel free to comment, or ask questions and I will do what I can to respond. Thank you.

Current Progress as of 1/23/24


Forgot to mention, all models being used are the Synty Polygon Vikings Pack. Decided to finally use one of my art assets that I got in Humble Bundles :stuck_out_tongue: .


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Started working the first map, reduced the number of AI spawns to fit the boats better.

Made the launchers look human, and killable if you get too close.

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Small update, been super busy with college and what not…

Three big updates:
-Main Menu added
-NPCs now can die
-Added triggers that can control where NPCs are set to move to, creates a little variation in them to not look all robotic.

Still needs quite a bit of work, and my trello is well… not getting smaller LOL. But I am hoping by end of Feb to be near or at GOLD for Google Play release.

Been working on a bit of the level design. Still needs a lot done to it, but adding in tons of tree variations and grass, as well as doing a bunch of texture painting and smoothing is making me feel pretty good.

Still quite a bit of coding to take care of, but its coming along pretty well. I think my goal of end of Feb release is very achievable.


Been really working on detailing the world and carving the land out more to look better. Been a huge effort, but I think its really starting to pay off.

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