Mixamo / Blender problem

I’ve imported the different poses into Blender from Mixamo, everything is fine and I continue on with the tutorial to the weight painting of the lower face. All good, everything looks right, and I move the teeth bac to where they should be as per the tutorial as well. ALL OF THAT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY until the animation runs, and halfway through the teeth suddenly stretch across the screen.

I’ve restarted from my save three times, checked the forum for similar problems but can’t find anything. In the dropdown for the poses there’s cubeaction.002 - I don’t know if that’s related but if I click on it or delete it everything disappears. I can work around all of this by hiding the teeth, but that’s a pity, I lost the tongue somewhere along the line already. Any ideas?


It is an indication that some of the vertices are connected to the wrong bone.
The bone has some weight painted area’s for the wrong vertices.
Be sure that the blue parts are really blue (0) and not something else (>0)


Genius!! I weight painted the teeth and they’re now perfect! Thanks Pete!!


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