Mixamo and Rigify

After finishing the charakter creation course from Grant Abbit, I decided to do an experimental - combining Rigify and motion capture (mixamo) into one rig so that I could conveniently switch between one rig and another.

As the model from the course and the whole animations are tested, I did not waste time on additional weight adjustments, so there are visible mesh deformation errors.

The most important thing is that the whole thing works well, I have Rigify in one rig (with all functionalities, as well as the ability to attach Mixamo animations

Soon I will do a tutorial that explains how to combine both rigs.


This is hilarious! That orc can dance!

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That is awesome, if you ever do that tutorial on how to use Rigify & Mixamo together I will be very interested. Been trying to create a rig in blender that one can just use in Mixamo, but not with lots of luck.

you can opt for blender character creator course. Rigify & Mixamo are explained there.

If you talking about the Grant Abbit one, then yes I got it, so will work through that.

It is fantastic! Thanks for sharing, it made my day! :smiley: