Mistakes were made a.k.a. The terrible tale of stretching

Oh well… after spending literally days with annoying tries to unstretch some areas of this Drorc (yeah, that’s right, by now this weird dragonish orc is called the Drorc) I stumbled upon my very stupid mistake:
I did NOT apply the shrinkwrap :expressionless: :rage:
So I just tried it and you see the result on the screenshot. I had several greenish areas before which are entirely gone just by applying the shrinkwrap modifier.
The light blue parts you see in the left are all on the belly of the Drorc and some are so weird that it must be a mistake from blender to show it light blue, but I do not care that much because the belly isn’t the part most seen of the Drorc (if so it must have been defeated and I do not hope so :wink: )

So, if you have an issue with not being able to deal with the stretching in a reasonable way check if you have applied the shrinkwrap. It might help you too.


It’s an interesting dragon orc to say the least :joy:
Cheers for the tips though.

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It’s kinda cute! Looks like a good pet for an orc.

Another thing about stretching is that it is much more noticeable with certain color schemes. If your orc had zebra stripes and complex normals on its belly, it might be really obvious, but much less so with a relatively solid color/smooth surface. That isn’t to say stretching is ever desirable, but context can mitigate it somewhat.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Highly agreed!
After posting this I checked for overlapping vertices and added one more edge - which almost everything in the desired dark blue (just very few relics which were solved pretty fast).
Context is so important, I mean if I knew that the Drorc would be seen only top down (like in teh Diablo games) why should I care about the belly anyways?
Now I am curious how it turns out after the baking process :smiley:

Yeah, it MIGHT be a nice pet, but only for the most fearless and clever orc, since this Drorc is around 41 m long and around 18 m tall atm :thinking:
So it might as well feed on most orcs.

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Looking good and great to hear how you found and solved a problem. So many modifiers so much to apply!

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Hey there,
thanks! But be asured that I already came up with two new problems of which I have only solved one yet :laughing:

Edit (around two hors later): Problems solved so far. Own stupidity is a serious issue which shall never be underestimated… :smirk:
And so is the lack of concentration due to hours of blendering which should be seen as a sign stop for today, even if you enjoy what you’re doing.

Another good example of the importance of context!

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:joy: :+1:

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