Missing Resources with this lecture


The resources appear to be missing for this lecture.

Many thanks,


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hi Jon,

firstly , welcome to the community :wave:

what course and lecture is missing resources?


It’s the same for me. I can’t download “The Big List of Video Game Development Team Roles” PDF, only view it online.

ah gotcha its the “how to get a job in the video games industry”.

ive found the lecture, ill reach out to try and get it remedied.

ill reply here once i have more information. cheers for your patience

Edit : there seems to have been a change recently where some attachments were changed to be embedded rather than a direct download. not all but some, this is being investigated.


I was actually refering to the C# Godot Course; Targeting UI & Spawning Explosions lecture, apologies I assumed that the create a topic part of the UI would link the lecture.

The ‘Bullet stopper’ resource is missing, but i made my own so was able to proceed.


Please feel free to use this if your reading this and encouter the same issue.



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do apologize Jon,

I have raised it previously, but in the interim heres the repo copy of the file (just click download and you should be good to go)


and thank you for sharing your crosshairs, think i prefer yours tbh :slight_smile:

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