Missing Modules - Unable to build

After adding a c++ class to my project and then closing it, when I try to reopen it, I just get theses two messages



From what I have seen about this problem there is no one solution for everyone, but I do not know how to solve my problem by looking at my log

The only thing I have attempted to do to fix it is adding the universal windows platfrom development work load on VS

There is a bug in the current version of MSVC, see here
: Compiling issue. UE5.3 - #2 by DanM

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im also getting this error.

i created the new class, then compiled in the VScode. had 3 errors in that. reopened unreal, and was met with the same errors as above.

i deleted MyActor.generated.h
readded the header slowly, first i did MyActor.h compiled, it told me it wanted generated.
then i did MyActor.generated.h
all errors but the 1 were fixed.

Have you seen the linked thread?

i was just reading that, and im confused on how to fix it. i went into the appdata folder, and edited the file to


tried to open the actor again and it still fails when compiling


Did you install 14.38?


pretty sure i did, its in the windows folder you listed to check

That version doesn’t match what you put in the xml, the xml should be using the version you have there.

ah, so it has to be the 33135, instead of the one you pasted, gotcha

still says unable to find the version, and i used the same

Could you show what you have installed in the Visual Studio Installer?

you mean the extensions? the last 4 arent enabled

Not VS Code, the Visual Studio Installer, the thing you used to install the previous version of MSVC.

you mean that?

No. “Visual Studio Installer”


Follow the first couple of steps of the linked thread.

i think this might be some confusion on the colors like the teacher said. i have both blue and purple versions of visual studio installed onto my computer

The blue one is “Visual Studio Code” and is just a text editor like Notepad but with extensions to provide syntax highlighting, it’s still just a text editor though, it’s not going to compile C++.

The purple one is “Visual Studio” which is a fully fledged IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which contains everything to write and develop software. The compiler, text editor, debugger, profiler, etc.

Both are installed in the course. VS Code is used as a text editor to write the code so everyone gets as close to the same experience regardless of their operating system of choice.

well, i dont know exactly how it happened, but i ended up with version 33130…copied what you had on that other page, and my error went away. also i can load up unreal again. so thanks for the help.

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