Missing Github link

Hi guys,

I couldn’t find a link to the Github commit in this chapter’s resource sections (nor a unity package - though I guess by this point a lot of people will have gone off piste)

I guess it’s this branch: GitHub - UnityRPGv2/Inventory at commit-equipment-system

Cheers, Chris

I believe you have the right link. Just be sure not to integrate this with yoru existing project from the RPG course. We won’t do that until the last section with the asset pack.

Thanks, Brian. Another thing:

I’ve watched part of the Integration section (and done some of it). Rather than doing the last section ‘integration’ in this course, I should mosey on down to the RPG Combat course and finish that first (I stopped prior to the saving section). Indeed I have a another project for that one (#1 my game, 2# RPG combat, #3 Inventory Systems).

Cheers, Chris

Definitely finish the Saving System. Right after you do, you might want to head to my tutorial on converting the Saving System to Json (for security, and it makes debugging save files a LOT easier).

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Thanks Brian, have bookmarked your message!