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I could really use some help here. When making the Tank.h and Tank.cpp files, my build failed because I had typed something wrong in my TankPlayerController.cpp file. After fixing it, I tried to rebuild the solution but it now will not build no matter what because I’m missing a DLL. I’ve tried everything that I’ve found so far, building from source, deleting binaries, intermediate, and saved, and rebuilding from the .uproject, deleting and rebuilding the solution file, and it still fails.
This is my error message:

UBT ERROR: Failed to produce item: C:\Users\laugh\OneDrive\Documents\Repos\BattleTanks\BattleTanks\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor-BattleTanks.dll

I can give my full log if necessary, but I don’t want to lose the whole project. Any help is appreciated!

Hello, I hope you have resolved this due to this post being 2 months old now, but I had this same error and had to recompile the BattleTank.sln independently inside of Visual Studio to fix it. I also had to right click my .uproject and click “Generate Visual Studio Files” before some of the errors I was getting went away. If you are getting any errors when trying to build there, that may be the issue. Personally, I had added #include “BattleTank.h” at the top of my TankPlayerController.cpp, which VS was not expecting, so I took that out and then I could successfully build and run the project again without that error!

Feel free to post your full log if you still have the issue!

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