Misophonia Issues

Hello, I have misophonia - a disorder that makes me unable to handle certain sounds - and having a very hard time getting through the Godot 4 course due to the keyboard audio. The keyboard is so loud and every time he starts slamming on the keys it makes me want to rage. Is there a way on my side to clean up the audio so that I don’t have to hear this or should I get a refund?


I’ll ask the question to see if anyone has come across a possible solution.

Not sure if there’s real-time workaround.
I have used filters in the past to remove ceetain background frequencies while recording audio.

In the meantime there is the captioning which seems OK from the little I’ve had it enabled.

I’ll see what I can find out

hi Mikail,

there doesnt seem to be a straightforward way of filtering out certain frequencies for playback short of using some audio software like Voicemeeter Banana or something with additional VST plugins. but thats not something I’m overly familiar with.

unfortunately, in this circumstance, it may be better to request a refund as I cant find a viable workaround.

I have mentioned it to the team and they have taken it for consideration during future productions.

Sorry i couldnt be more help :frowning:


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