Misleading lecture title

So the lesson’s title promises a parallax background effect, the instructor defines the parallax background correctly, but then teaches us how to do a static background, completely leaving out any parallax effect.

Am I missing something or did this one get by the instructor?


To compound my frustration, there is even a Parallax node system already in the engine, and another Parallax system available in the Godot AssetLib. I’d like it if these lessons could be more forthright in showing what Godot has to offer, rather than this half-hearted, lacklustre attempt. Sorry. I paid to learn to use a tool and this lesson ignores the tool’s function.

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yep, godot does have its own parallax system for utilising different layers and depths. I’ve always found it can be quite tricky to get right and needs a little bit more setting up to work.

i think at this early stage of the course, the idea was to have something easier to implement that was visually akin to a parallax effect of a single image moving slower sort of in the distance, but without the deep dive into the bespoke parallax node setup.

ill pass on the feedback to the team.


If the team needs any feedback it’s to deliver what is advertised. Edit: Redacted.

But really. Even Excitebike had parallax scrolling.

First of all it is true that Godot has a parallax system that you can use with the ParallaxBackground and ParallaxLayer nodes. These are however are beyond the level of the student at this point in the course. You might be advanced enough to understand it but this course is designed for absolute beginners.

I called it a parallax background effect because the background and the map, which is also a background element, are moving at different speeds. Thus creating a parallax background effect.

It’s simple really

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Too simple. I’m left having to use free resources to learn what I wanted, despite having paid for a course with parallax scrolling in it.

If you wanted to make a game, and you paid for a course where the instructor refused to teach you the common implementation of a thing in the syllabus and decided to teach an extremely limited case implementation instead, would you be overall happy?

Do you plan on finishing the course properly, or is this naught but a mistaken purchase for me?

Hi Wizen,

I hope you are well and that overall you are enjoying the course.
I think we have spoken before but just in case i am mistaken i just wanted to introduce myself here :slight_smile: I’m the support leader for GameDev.tv but i am also one of the members of the review team so i review all content before it goes live to students.

I see Kaan has kindly responded to explain the differences in the system we used and what is available in Godot.

In addition i wanted to take a moment to thank you for your feedback as we do listen to all feedback we receive and take on board that feedback going forward.
In this case it was felt by the production team and also when i was reviewing the course that the parallax system built in to Godot 4 is a little more complex than was needed in a beginner course and an alternative method was provided that was a little easier to set up and to understand.
I am sure that you can appreciate that there is no one size fits all when making a course and that some students will be less advanced and need this level of teaching and others may have more experience in other languages and other engines so will look for the more advanced options.

For our more advance students we often like to encourage them to have a go with the knowledge they learn outside the course and what they also may find in the documentation like you yourself have done and i do encourage you to follow on and set up the parallax with the internal parallax system that Godot provides.

I would be very eager to see your results on it as when i first learnt the system in Godot 3 it took me a little while to get to grips with it and i’ve used unity and unreal previously.

If you are not completely satisfied with the content of the course please do drop us a message in the contact us link at the top of the page and we can see if we can refund the course but i think there is very good content here for all as an introduction to Godot and future content we have coming for Godot.

Kind Regards
Marc Carlyon

GameDev.tv Support Leader and Review team

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No, Marc, you’re right, and I’m sorry, Kaan. I will adjust my expectations of this course going forward. I thought that buying a course advertised during a time when many people were looking to switch engine would result in me continuing my learning journey, as opposed to stepping into a situation where my classmates were starting from scratch. And that I landed in the latter situation is my fault for falling for cleverly timed advertising.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn about a new engine from someone willing to break it down for the absolute beginners, and I look forward to future courses on Godot 4 and beyond.


This comment is like 2 weeks old but I respect you for legitimately reading the responses to your original complaint and adjusting your view. Dont see that often these days.

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