Mirror on Ear gone after joining with Bool Tool

I was following the directions and joined my ear to the head using the Bool Tool (just as Grant did). I also continued to work on the ear after it was joined (just as Grant did). The issue now…I love my ear, but the changes did not mirror to the other side. I don’t want to start over, can anyone let me know if I can get the ear mirrored over after it has already been joined with the Bool Tool?

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a little clarification.

The ear was mirrored before I used the Bool Tool. Both ears are present, but the edits I make to the main ear are not mirroring to the other. One looks good, the other looks blocky. Again, I followed his steps exactly.

I can see what I did wrong (but ithis means that Grant also did it wrong in his video). After the Bool Tool was used, he goes and cleans up the ear, but does not enable the mirror on the X. I jumped ahead to see if he addresses this and he does not. His other ear is just fixed. Can you just tell if there is a quick way to re-mirror the ears only after the Bool Tool has been used to join them or do I need to go back to previous save and restart the ear?

If you have applied modifiers. Or you don’t have a backup file, then there are some tricks to overcome this problem.

If it is a model like a head, body, car, boat, which has symmetry. You can delete one half of the mesh and the add a mirror modifier. To copy it back with the correct additions.

Another trick is to duplicate part of the mesh (Shift d) and scale it inversed. Like sy -1, s for scale and y for direction. And the -1 for inversed dimension. If you use the 3D cursor as a pivot point, sitting the middle of your model, then it is copied to the other side.

The presumption that your model is developed (mirror) at the centre 0,0,0.

But always, create a version of your model when you do destructive work. Like applying modifiers etc.
Blender has a handy feature when saving a file. Look for the [+] button, it increases the file number for you.


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