Mirror modifier and rotation of vertices

I’m really struggling with my Knight and the Mirror Modifier class.

In this screenshot, you can see that my ability to rotate is only in the center even though I have all vertices selected.

What have I overlooked???

Hi Chris,

just wondering, what sort of rotation are you looking to achieve?

Just guessing at the moment, if its locking those vertices on the mirror axis, i would think it might have something to do with the ‘Clipping’ of the mirror modifier, to stop vertices from going through eachother and therefore sticking on the mirror clip plane.

You can rotate about the middle of all selected vertices.
or rotate around the object center
Or rotate around around the 3D cursor …

It all depends on how your PIVOTpoint is set OR located


I was trying to rotate on the axis just as shown in the video. What I finally realized is that I was trying to rotate in a different view than the instructor. So in other words, if I click NUM 3 I wasn’t able to ALT+L to select all of the vertices and rotate. However if I was NUM 1 view, I was able to ALT+L to select all vertices and rotate.

Does that make sense?

These issue do make me chuckle when they come up and for good reason!
I made EXACTLY that same mistake when i first started learning blender with the original course :smiley:

Its very easily done :slight_smile:

I don’t feel as alone now then! :rofl:

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