Mirror Issue

I added the shrinkwrap modifier to the LowPoly Model and made the target to the HighPoly model. After I tried to use the automirror, it messed up so I tried to undo the action. This is the result. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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It looks, the odd angle one, like a duplicate of the LP Ogre.
So probably made by the mirror modifier, on a strange rotated position.
Keep a save before experiments.

You have a full mesh Ogre, so half is not mirrored. See what Grant’s one looks like in the lecture.

So, I suspect it has made a mirror, a whole duplicate, and placed it oddly.
I would delete the mirror modifier.
Then go back and watch when and how Grant creates the mirror.

Your origin looks to be in the right place. But check there is no rotation on the LP Ogre. Apply it if there is.

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Oh I see thank you!

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