MINING QUEST: ‘Run Away’ - Solutions

Quest: Mining Quest
Challenge: Run Away

Feel free to share your solutions, ideas and creations below. If you get stuck, you can find some ideas here for completing this challenge.

At first, I was worried, that I need to remove rocks (if there are any) in the desired spot. But the exit works as intended layered on top, so no problem there.

I already put in variables for the size, so I used those and multiplied with 0 or 1 randomly for x and y.

    private void SpawnExit()
        int xExit = Random.Range(0, 2) * (xSize - 1);
        int yExit = Random.Range(0, 2) * (ySize - 1);

        GameObject newExit = Instantiate(exitPrefab, new Vector2(xExit, yExit), Quaternion.identity);

Nice way of finding random corners


Oh I like how clean this is. I ended up making an array with four Vector3 for the different corners but of course that used a lot of ‘magic numbers’ that we’re supposed to avoid.


I agree, this is such a nice solution! I threw the four corners into a vector2 array and then randomly chose one of those to place the exit, but this would become a problem when the layout of the mine would change later.

Took me too long to understand why your solution works because I thought “What happens when the random number is 2 and that is multiplied by say 19?”, but the random number will never be 2 because it’s NOT maximally inclusive in Random.Range. I had to read up on it. Floats are maximally inclusive, Ints are maximally exclusive. Cool!

Always fun to get a “two years” later response. I’m glad that you like the solution. Different range functions being inclusive or not are always tricky, depending on type and language.

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This quest was very difficult for me and I had to study the solutions for each challenge. While I’m a bit disappointed that I couldn’t accomplish it on my own, I’m glad I was able to learn primarily from your solutions on this one. Taught me a bunch so thanks again :sweat_smile: