My version of Block Breaker is… MineBlock!

I included 3 levels and a bonus level for a bit of fun.

Level 1 - You only need to hit the blocks once at 0.8 speed
Level 2 - You need to hit the blocks twice at 0.9 speed
Level 3 - You need to hit the blocks three times at 1.0 speed

I added a trail to the ball so it is easier to track whilst it is moving
The paddle is Minecraft ground, the ball is a Minecraft orb and we have characters from Minecraft as the breakable blocks.

What was your highest score and I’d welcome any feedback :slight_smile:

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Really great block breaker project, my only complain would be that you have to re-start all the levels after failing just once, other than that, pretty enjoyable.

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Plays really nicely

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Thanks for the feedback. That is a concern actually, I will try and make it so if you fail it just resets to the existing level. I appreciate it.

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

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You could add more of your own sprites in future projects if you really want to go the extra mile. I love Photoshop but can use great alternatives like Gimp or Krita. I took up a few courses in game art which didn’t really take me that long. Found it to be very rewarding.

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