Mine didn't compile

All of these…

Lead to this…

No answer, and yet Ben’s compiled. Answers. Now… Well, I don’t mean to rush you, let alone getting impatient, I was just in a terrible mood when I typed this because of life outside this class. Anyway, do take your time answering my question, and excuse the salty tone.

Google says

Delete the .vs and Intermediate folders in the project folder, right-click the project file and then “Generate Visual Studio files”. I’ll leave this thread up for any future Googlers who come across the issue, since I couldn’t find any results.

Okay then! Now I’ll do my best in solving these problems. If I succeed, I’ll move on to the next lecture.

(6 minutes later…)
Oh, wait… There’s this.

(8 minutes later…)
Never mind. Lemme restart the lecture.

Would be useful to see the lines it’s talking about.

Okay. VisualStudio had a freakout and now everything is fixed and I can move on.

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