Mike's head (The human head)


I used Michael’s ref. picture to make the head and I really enjoyed!!
I used vertex paint for tones and SSS; for details I used texture paint.


@Michael_Bridges :slight_smile:

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Wow great job. Lots of lovely detail.


Thank you! I am glad you like it :smile:

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Great textures of the eyes!!!


Amazing piece of work. Maybe also shining from behind, so that subsurface scattering is more visible … It’s a thought :wink:


For you @FedPete :wink:

Thanks, great you like it!!


Wow! Amazing again! Looks like Nathan Drake of the Uncharted video game series.

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The lightings and the atmosphere are looking magic, like an ancient mystery film, I love this filmic look very much.

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I’m happy you like it @Jada


The only thing bothering me is the irregular hole, the rest is Awesome (capital A)! xD

You could use Loop Tools to make this a Circle, then you can make a vertex group and apply a Shrinkwrap modifier to fit the body but just for this piece :wink:

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:star_struck: How did you do it! :star_struck: It looks amazing! Couple of questions. First, how did you make the hair? I struggle with making hair. Next, how did you make the “beard”? Lastly, how did you do the lips? Thanks!

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:joy: thanks @AstroneerKing … well mostly I followed Michael’s lessons. Hair and beard are particle system (similar to bunny hair). I also used vertex paint for face tones and for details (lips, eyes, skin pores) texture paint.
I’m glad you like it!!


Cool, thanks! :+1:

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