Mid Section Environment Challenge - Strange Ruins

Crash landing in strange ruins. Focused on using basic shapes to convey the crash by showing the trail in the sand and debris, though would appreciate any tips on improving.


Nicely done. My only comment is the green grassy color of the floor inside the ruins, rather than the same sandy color as outside the ruins, though perhaps a bit darker.

Not sure if here’s a back wall or not, but I think it should somehow match the sand/dirt outside.

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Thanks, I’m glad you pointed that out. The funny thing is, that green was actually supposed to be some kind of eerie glow, but I think I made it far too bright so it makes the ground look oddly coloured. I went back and built a tunnel in the background and tried to make the glow a little more subtle and gave it a dusty feel the second time around.


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Very nice scene, great idea.

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Yes, that looks much better. :grinning:

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Hello !

I like the overall scene and the spirit of the image.
Remind me a smoother Lego video game.

The only thing, I don’t understand is the crash landing.
Is it coming from inside the building or from outside ? I don’t find it clear on your image.
Is it aswell a crash from a plane or a car ? I suppose it’s a car or maybe not.

Maybe it will be interesting to add some pieces of a vehicle on the ground ?
And just about the trail, make me suppose about a car or ground vehicule, you should maybe add some randomness to it (like brutal turning at the end), just because a crash is always accidental, no ? Unless you have a bulldozer lol !

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Hey, thanks for the feedback! I’m a little late seeing this.

I put a few little broken pieces in there, but I agree, it definitely needs more so that it’s more self-explanatory. I’ve learned a lot since I originally put this together and might come back to do an updated version for fun when I have a little downtime.

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