Mid Section Challenge

I listen to a quite a lot of LOFI ambience music, so I used a pic from one of the videos as inspiration.

Alas, I don’t know how to make a fire (in real life as well :wink: )

And, evidently, it took longer than recommended in the course, as I once again let the imagination fly, and spent an equal amount of time rewatching tutorials for things I had forgotten how to do.


I would not worry about the time, the more you spend making things the more you embed what you are learning.

Very nice tree. And small fire waiting to be lit!


Great scene.
Time flies when having fun!
But there is still much to learn.


Nice scene and fire. I lie the “ambiance” of the scene.

I know that low poly fire is covered in the main blender course. If you wanted to quickly make a low-poly fire, simply extrude a cylinder (like you did for your tree), change its colour to something desirable, and either use emissive material (if you know how), or plop in some lights about it to give it that desired glow.

On the other hand, if you wanted to do something easier put in some burning coals instead: no fire needed.

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Love the idea. I might do something similar

I might do it isometric tomorrow

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