MId-Section Challenge- Pantheon_Rome

This is a sketch of the Pantheon in Rome. Completly out-of-scale, a draft. I miss in Blender proper alignment tools.
I also find the two render engines not very good, it might be a settings issue, but why do I get all this noise when rendering with cycles?


Most students start a project on their own, after a couple of lessons. But they miss knowledge explained in the upcoming lessons. So they have a lot of questions. How to …
Not a problem to ask, but these questions are asked many, many times already. So if you have a question, you could use the search function instead and find answers on these forums.

The render engine are are absolutely not bad. But the default options are just the basics for reasonably render in less time.

Cycles depend totally on lighting conditions. Better light, and more render samples to calculate light, will result in better, less noisy images. But longer render times.

Eevee is built around speed (animation speed), but calculations of shadows (light) are very basic. You need to set the proper Eevee options to improve the quality but render times will increase also. But you have a choice in what you think it is important!

There are many alignment tools in Blender and workflows to fit objects in the way you want. But also here you need to know how they work and how they affect your working environment. Blender has so much to offer, which can not be explained in the first couple of lessons. And even than these courses will not tell you in details all the ins and outs of Blender. But it will give a good knowledge base to work from and study on your own.

Have fun, show us your progress.


Thank you Pete for your extensive reply. I’d like to clarify that I am not disappointed with the program but the contrary. It is being very exciting for the time the moment. Both the program itself and the course are great. I’ll be more patient.


I understand the frustrations but as Fed Pete says the program is perfectly capable, it is just a matter of finding out how. That is a long process, not instant. Be patient and get through the beginner’s course without straying too far. Lots will be covered, but more than that you will gain a better understanding of what questions to ask to find more advanced techniques.

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