Mid Section Challenge: Chinese Temple

Here is my proposal for this challenge. I always have this littles points (like noise) when i do a render, specially with low light. How can i avoid this? I suppose this will be explained latter in the course.


That’s a really well done building!

About the noise… you could try enabling Denoising

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:open_mouth: thats pretty cool man! :slight_smile:

I like it, but maybe lower the camera a bit. It’s like a giant is looking at it. It’s more birds view.

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I 'm impress

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I’m curious about how you did the “bend” of the roof.

I know some ways but I wanted to know what was your approach on this.


Hi capa14, i made a cube and scaled it in x and y. Then i made some cuts along x and y axes and i moved this new axes up and down to have this “Bend” shape. after this i put the small pieces of the roof in top of that shape. :slight_smile:

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I see…

So in the end you put the roof tiles by hand guided by the object below thats a great amount of effort!


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