Mid-section challenge: a truck

This is very bad compared to the rest of the posts but I guess I’ll post it anyway


Always post your work.
I like this example, because of the arrangement (size) of the truck.
Nice lamps (shiny window). Good composition. A fine toy truck!

Of course, you can look at what others did and learn from that.
But don’t compare. Some students do have more experience when starting this course.
Or spend more hours on a challenge. Follow your own path of inspiration.

And show your work. We all are learning here.


When I started out my work was attrocious. One of the things I’ve realized is that by sharing my work, I can get helpful feedback on what areas need work. What you’ve done here actually looks pretty good. Keep it up and keep moving forward, you will become more satisfied with your work as you progress through the course!

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thanks, for the advice both of you, I am liking blender more each day that passes, good luck on your projects, may Suzanne bless you with her perfect topology.


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