Mid-Section Challange - Alchemist Shop from Heroes 3

Basically, at first in the mid section challenge I wasn’t satisfied with the result. But after progressing to the end of the section 2 I was able to create something that I actually like :smiley: There are some details that I am still not able to do, but I am really glad how I progressed so much just in a few days.

First result:

Result after finishing section 2

Reference Material


h the reference helps see what the aim is.

Very good reproduction.
Just missing that yellow flag!


Wow!!Your models looks amazing.The choice of colors and the lighting makes it look awesome :joy_cat:. Amazing reproduction.Great job.I like the pot and the tree with fruits.And it looks like someone stole your flag :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Have fun dude.Looking forward to seeing your next work.


oh wow I used to love that game! Great job recreating the alchemist’s shop