Metroid 2 animation made in blender!

Hi i made this animation and models with the blender course!
hope you watch it and give me feedback!, link below:


Amazing job! You obviously put a lot of effort into this.

The animations in general, camera, Samus, the Metroid, all look stiff, a little unnatural, try to work on that.



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I think it’s super awesome, of course it’s very difficult to create something like that, I’ll be curious how my first project develops. Animation is still too far away for me. But you did a good job :slight_smile: do you really have to worry about a license? Or is it still all legal in a frame? :thinking:

I agree with what was said before. Looks a bit stiff sometimes. But a lot of amazing details. I love the light rays going across the character in the elevator, and all of the first person shots. Well done

thanks now im making a samus vs mother brain animation and paying extra details to the animations!

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i guess a fan animations its ok lol

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