Meteorite Breaker - WIP

Hello folks,

a quick screenshot from my first scene of Meteorite Breaker.
Still a lot work to do with the lighting anhd shadowing of the sprites and popping dat pixel-art a bit more out (or reducing pixaelation of background and earth, not sure yet if going for more pixels or somehwat smoothiness).

Shooteable rockets attached to space ship which spawn more balls will be added soon, thus sharing another screenshot (hopefully) soon :+1:


Best regards,
Nefasu Game-Dev


Hello folks,

Rockets are flying and can be directed by moving the paddle.
Bombs loaded to the rocket as well as damage of bombs and type (loose or safe bombs) can be set individually per rocket :+1:

Short video of “Extreme Tuning” challenge below:

Best Regards,

oooo this looks awesome!

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