Metahumans busted?

So I did the character, saved it, and nothing shows in the bridge

seems like this issue has been going around at least a year, any solutions? And yes, I’ve logged in and the account is the same.

Any help with this? I’ve tried looking around and nothing seems to help. I’ve also tried different browsers at this point and actually installing the metahumans plugin because the course didn’t seem to cover it.

Metahumans is still kind of experimental. Since the metahuman is stored on the website, if it doesn’t show up there then the only suggestions I can give are to either try remaking it again or contact customer support for Epic Games.

I guess I could try to recreate it, well it’s not 100% important for the course anyway, I can always just use the basic character.

It seems MetaHumans Creator now created MetaHumans for the specific version of Unreal Engine. Be sure to choose Unreal Engine 5.1 when creating your character for this course, as that’s the version we use throughout.

IF that doesn’t fix it, unfortunately, logging out and back into Bridge usually works when this happens for me, though I know you’ve already tried that. Perhaps check if the Bridge plugin needs to be updated? It seems that fixed the issue for many users, but I definitely saw a large number of users reporting similar issues.

Let us know how it turns goes!

Well of course… It was UE being silly once again, I updated to 5.2.1 and whatever that did seemed to fix the issue!

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