Metaball Bunny

Just metaballs and no ears make this guy look really fat. ( Don’t tell I said that.)

There seems only so much detail you can get with metaballs. I had the resolution turned up too high and it stopped my laptop. :roll_eyes:

Took a while to figure out how to select them when in a group, seems like you have to click the outline rather than the metaball it’s self.

Cool rabbit. How did you make the legs? So much more detail than mine.
I went for a cartoonish easterbunny theme where the right bush will become my tree:

The bunny is just 4 metaballs. How many did you have to use to make yours?

Hey Mette,

Mine is just a collection of metaballs. I hadn’t worked with them before so was just experimenting to see what you can do. I think there are about 10 metaballs in total. If I did it again I would probably only use 4 maybe and then start sculpting.

I like your scene, looks bright and happy. The gradient in the sky is a nice touch.

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