Mesh Sections missing in Pawn / Now also my progress gallery

I have an odd thing going on here. I have have made my pawn, and in edit mode the entire mesh is there. However in Object mode there are edges and vertices missing. Not sure what is going on. This is when viewed in Wireframe.

Object Mode

Edit Mode

Not sure what is happening or whether I should worry about it. For reference here is the pawn in edit mode but with the solid surface.


Yes strange, maybe you have HIDDEN some edges, vertices or faces ?
Use Alt+h to get them back in the editor…

So in edit mode do I need to select the whole model then press AltH?

Edit - I have tried hiding all the mesh and bringing it back to view. The missing sections are sill missing.

I have also checked my normals and they are all pointing out. To make it odder when I view the model in Object Mode, with the Solid view on (in flat) I can see where the edges would be.

When in edit mode, you can use ‘h’ to HIDE the items you’ve selected.
For un-hiding them, you don’t need the select anything. Just Alt+h.
This works also in object mode, but then it will hide complete objects.
It will be explain in the lessons.

Did you stop and start Blender ?

Yes I had stopped and started Blender. I haven’t worked with blender for a couple of weeks. I stopped just before lecture 66 - Bridging Edge Loops.

I have just tried the Hide and Unhide - Not solved it. Very Puzzling!

When I look at your last image, I see that the bridge loops are not closed between the head and body?

Did you connect the right loops ?

I think that suggestion may be along the lines of what it could be. On zooming very very far in I have discovered this

This wasn’t the cause. It was something odd I had done corrected it and problem still occured. Deleting the edges and remaking them seems to have solved the issues though.

I don’ know what the cause of it was.


Annoyingly this solution also breaks my edge loops

A.) Vertices are not good here! Problems with edges and vertices. The vertices are NOT connected by edges, look closely.

My advice is (before connecting the edge loops), is clean-up.

Use B. “Remove doubles”. Select whole mesh, click button. Below this tool you can configure the distance between vertices, before they are combined. In the system message bar (top window) , you get information how many vertices are cleaned (combined).

Michael has or will explain this in the coming lessons.

Thankyou for the comments. I have corrected the top of the pawn and now created a low poly one :smiley:

Oddly even though the low poly pawn is made from the same mesh the edges appear in wireframe view in both edit and object mode.

Perhaps it s a bug in that certain view

Pleased with my progress :slight_smile: - Thankyou for all the help. I have tidied up the mesh and although it didn’t solve my weird mesh viewing issues all of the pieces seem to render ok.

Playing around with lighting after lecture 75. I have used a hemi light here high up and played around with a spot lamp

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