Mesh modyf - array mesh- problem - why can't pick up my "brick"

Ok why i cant chose my cube like Mike done that with his brick ? Both meshes are mesh, not curve.

I set up account here just to ask that question -.- That stupid, i set up git account to set up account here.

Hi jurandfantom,

I don’t know what you are trying to do based on the screenshot so this is a long shot: You need to have a mesh that you use to construct the array. Then you need an array modifier on a mesh and fit curve modifier to fit a curve. So if you separate the path from the mesh by selecting the edges and doing separate by selection you need to convert that mesh to a curve (alt + c) “curve from mesh”. Then you should be able to select the appropriate curve to curve modifer.

It’s a bit unclear what is in the screenshot but to me it looks like in the video there’s 3 curves Archway Array, Archway Path and Archway Profile where Path is hidden. Then there’s mesh called “ArchwayArray” that you have highlighted. But the selection popup actually shows the three curves and with correct name" Archway Array" (see the white space).

So I think you are missing conversion from mesh to curve (alt + c).

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jax

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You can name the object, but you can also name the mesh.
Most people name the object, but when in edit mode, you edit the mesh and this has also a name.

In you outline viewer, press the small (+) dot, left the object name. It show also a name, the name of the mesh data.
Maybe that confuses you.

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Hi Jurandfantom,

I think Jax has solved your issue in post number 2.
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If you look at Micheal’s outliner you will see that he has a Bezier Curve named “Archway Array” and a mesh object named “ArchwayArray”. That missing “space” is not just a typo, both are valid names referring to different objects and the object on his drop-up list is in fact the Bezier Curve.

O wow! first of all, i’m super duper impress that everyone reply so fast - i expected maybe one reply after 3 days. Ok, I was tired yesterday after another tutorial and whole day so I wasn’t enough focus. I didn’t “saw” curve called archwayarray. Like Capricas_Kirito said. I thought that Mike connect somehow mesh called archwayarray, not curve - that what I mean by my screenshot. I really sorry for all problems and thanks for so much help right now.

But… now I have another problem and hope You gonna help me with that. So, at last i figure out that i need connect both modification (brick mesh) with bezier curve. Ok that works, but not quite. It’s looks like my brick haven’t enough resolution? or my bezier curve have smooth option turn on? Don’t know how fix that. I try add some resolution and nope.

Tutorial instruction

My “gate” frame - 4 points (right side have hidden point in middle )

My gate with additional curve resolution - fixed problematic area but bevel another parts.

Fixed bezier handles (control points). But squeeze my brick in that corner and add additional bend.

irresistiblejelly@ i never connect social media with my personal data :wink: That why I was mad about that registration.

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