Mesh doesn't deforms properly while moving the bone

i have a character wearing shorts and when i move the leg bone the shorts doesn’t deforms much along with the leg as a result the leg passes through the shorts. need help to prevent this please.

Hi abraar_bala,

Have you looked the bone weights in “weight paint” mode? In 3d view if you select interaction mode (usually either object mode or edit mode) and select “weight paint” mode and look how much the bones effect on the mesh.

Completely red means bone controls fully those vertices and anything less up to blue means there’s less control. So you can try to paint it so that leg bones (respective ones of course) control the shorts completely.

If this is not the case, then seeing the actual model could help.

Cheers, Jax

hi @Jax ,

yes, looks like i need to work on weight paint but i was looking for a way to make the mesh self collide with it self. fir example the shorts deforms when the leg touches it.

thanks for replying.

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