Mesh disappears after using remesh option

Hey guys i wanted to start sculpting and followed the tutorial. when i use the remesh option in sculpt mode my mesh completely vanishes, if i go into edit mode and try to maybe find the mesh all is left is the shoulder origin, which is back to world origin with no vertices to manipulate. i checked if my scale and transformations are applied scince i heard it could lead to problems, but it was all fine so i have no idea of whats going on.

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Are you sure you’ve entered a reasonable voxel size?

If your object is one centimetre and your voxel size 1 meter. Then what do you think will happen?
Be sure you applied scale to the object.
Because object and inner mesh doe have different properties like scale. Hense apply scaling.

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it turned out the problem was because of non manifold faces some guys on the discord server were able to help me with that. But thatnk you for that voxel advice that problem is also present in my file thanks for your help apreciate it

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Yes, I have forgotten that one “non manifold”. Happened to me once. Glad it is solved. Have fun!

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