Mesh block vs UV map blocks

In this course we’ve put a lot of work in building church blocks. Modular mesh blocks to exchange easily parts of the church. But why didn’t we use the same modular approach for UV-textures. It saved me a lot of hassle, fixing the UV-maps, just using the same 2x2 or 4x4 grid for scaling my textures.

What I did was, generating a clay version of my church (textures not applied). Creating a frontal view. Then in Photoshop / Gimp using that to scale my texture map, as a 4x4 and designing my wall stone.

This way you can use your texture one on one, with out scaling your UV-map. avoiding that somewhere else the map is not aligning.

Here is the same UV-texture map used (without UV-manipulation), on the door-, wall- AND 2x4 window block.


I like it!

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