Merry Christmas - Christmas Eve is now live


Merry Christmas to all gamedevs here! :slight_smile::gift::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::gift:

I also want to share with you our first success.
I started learning here in May 2017.
Now I reached my first goal, and published the first game I made with my wife! :smiley::gift:
We created a game where you can play as Santa and deliver all the gifts to the houses.
Check the color of the chimney though - you have to give the correct colored boxes to the houses with the appropriately colored chimney.

Some basic information on the development:

  • We started to work on it on the middle of October, so it was about 2 month to make it (we planned 1 month).
  • Average, we worked on it about 1h / day
  • We created the music and all of the arts for the game.

We appreciate each and every review / rating / opinion shared on google play or here as well!
Also, if you have any question about the development / implementation, we are open to discuss it here! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reading, and Merry Christmas again!


Hello Bence (and Krisztina),

What fun! I have installed your game on my mobile and have just had a go, and can honestly say found myself smiling and then laughing as I started to miss the chimneys and was firing presents all over the place! :smiley:

I scored 62, which, I don’t suppose is a high score, but it gives me something to go back and try to beat later!

I had one present roll down a roof and go into a chimney which I though was a nice touch, as was the other presents getting stuck on the roof - needless to say there will be some unhappy children this year, but not because of your game! :slight_smile:

I really like the art style of the game, from Santa, his sleigh and the reindeers all the way through to your buttons, menu, title. The little Christmas jingle really adds to the game as does the falling snow.

Two things that I noticed;

  • if I click on the sharing icon (either on the menu or when I lose), a screen slides acros from the right (I think it might be a permissions screen) and then disappears, needless to say I can’t actually tell.
  • the buttons for the colours - this is the only one area where I thought you could perhaps do a little more, the buttons on the menu are lovely and that style is reflected all the way through, but not here. You could use the same style buttons and then fill them with the present color.

You have obviously both worked really hard on this game and have seen it all the way through to being published, well done - it’s really fantastic to see students achieving this and sharing with the community which helps to inspire others :slight_smile:

Now, back to beat my score of 62!

Updated Tue Dec 19 2017 10:57

Here’s a video of the issue I mention above, I think when recording my device ran a little more slowly and as such I was able to see that it was trying to connect to Facebook and popped up the screen to enter a message but then it disappears again. Almost as if there is a little battle going on for what should be displayed to the user.

Oh, and I got 87 second time round :wink:


What a lovely Christmas game :santa:t3: Thanks for bringing it to our attention @Rob :+1:t2:

Would it be ok if we share on our social channels @Bence_Gallay?

All the best,
Part of the team


Hi Rob and Lucy,

Thanks for the reviews! :slight_smile:
@Rob, I am working on the problem you found, thanks for sharing it with us!
I think it has to do something with the facebook api in Unity - I am investigating it, but it will be hard to test because it is working for both of us. :smiley:

@Lucy_Becker, we appreciate if you can share it, thank you very much! :gift::christmas_tree::gift::santa:
We just launched our facebook and instagram pages, if I am correct, you can tag us with @neofelisstudio :slight_smile:

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I think it has to do something with the facebook api in Unity - I am investigating it, but it will be hard to test because it is working for both of us.

I am more than happy to be a guinea pig if you want to share an update that I can install, or, test anything on my device, feel free to let me know here, or PM me, either or, I will be on and off of the forum all throughout the day :slight_smile:

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Hi @Rob,

we made an update, I hope that now the share button will work for everyone.
We changed it so that button now opens the facebook share link in a browser instead of using facebook api.

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:


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Hi Bence,

Fantastic, I have updated and can confirm all is well - nice fix :slight_smile:

On a related note, I have just managed to score 122, however, I have found a bit of a cheaty approach… I started being careful and trying to press the right coloured buttons… then, I wondered what happens if you put the wrong colour present in a chimney, thankfully (for my score) nothing! As such, I took to using four fingers and hitting every button as fast as I could! :smiley:

You could consider having penalties, maybe -1 presents if you get the wrong one in, or maybe this occurs on “Santa” difficulty, where-as there is no penalty on “Elf” difficulty… :slight_smile:

Did you know that the present count is increment more than once if you pop more than one present of the same colour in each chimney?

I can think of other things too, but they would probably be a bit more complex and would affect the really nice gameplay you already have.

Anyway, suggestion only…

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Hi Rob,

First of all, sorry for the late answer.
We tought that if we want to create a simple game as our first game, then Christmas theme is good choice because:

  1. It will be ready for Christmas
  2. In a Christmas game, we do not want to have penalties.

I thought that if I want a “red” gift this Christmas, I will be still happy if I only got greens.

The difficulty setting is a good idea!

What about if the penalty is only a little minus time (e.g. -1 sec for game time)?
I think it fits the theme too.


Hi Bence,

Your second point is an interesting one isn’t it, e.g. no penalties and I can see how that would be in keeping with perhaps the festive spirit :slight_smile:

The thing having the time penalty (or any penalty) would do is perhaps reduce the player’s desire to napalm strike the houses with presents, which makes the game more of a “how fast can you tap” over “how accurate can you be, and for how long” kind of game.

Might be one of those things that is worth a little test and see how it makes the game feel, if you don’t think it’s suitable, pull it back out etc.

If you do reduce the time of course, does that also have a knock on effect to the scores? For example, if you had previously scored 200 gifts in 2 minutes, on the next game you may get penalties and thus have 150 presents in 1 minute 40 seconds. Any penalties on time could maybe be displayed next to the player’s score at the end.

If you deducted the presents from the count if they were the wrong colour then I guess this is less of an issue as it is still only score on the score board.

Just some thoughts, kind of thinking out loud and typing at the same time! :wink:

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