Memory and References - Too big of a jump


I’m relatively new to programming and I’m trying to learn C++ as my main language. The course has been great so far in ‘translating programming lingo into human’, if you know what I mean, but during the introduction to memory and references in this lecture and the one before it I began feeling completely lost. I believe that this may be highly discouraging for some people, especially those without any experience in programming.

I’d recommend putting one or two lectures that go more in depth in the topic and perhaps provide easier examples. I would feel much better prepared if we could take a break from writing code and take some time to learn some theory, just like in a class in school.

I’ll try to find some stuff on my own, but fingers crossed I hope I won’t get lost in the lectures to come. If you could recommend me (and probably other students that are also in my place) some other resources that could make grasping those topics easier, it would be great.

Have a good day, everyone.


Another thing you could try is just to go and fail a lot. I know it sounds frustrating and time consuming, but when learning to code in college, I would spend some evenings just sketching projects and testing various things. I would often come to a problem that would baffle me late into the night. I felt like tossing my laptop out the window many times! But, I stuck with it and when I figured out a solution, it felt as though I’d won Mr. Universe or something. Stick with it, use the forums if you have questions. You will be very satisfied in the end. <- Just my opinion :slight_smile:


Hi @szyfr,
you are right. This whole course is really nice for finding the way into C++ with UE BUT in my opinion it is a bit a) jumpy in topics and b) starts not from 0, more like from 2 and then does big jumps.

My advice for you is go on amazon and find a solid pure c++ book for beginners and start there and then come back to UE.

I don’t know if there is a translation for this book, but with this, I learned C++: Link (Title is “C++ for Game Programmer” from Heiko Kalista)


To be fair the course goes into three things. c++, Blueprints, and UE4 with games being really the main thing.

But for programming beginners, c++ was always on of the harder ways to go. Its never been known as an easy language.

Try jumping to Windows programming with c++ - actually making a whole Windows program in c++. You would get so lost so fast. This course is very simple for c++ in comparison. But, it doesn’t focus on c++ to that extent either.

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I get what you mean, but I’d suggest just abstracting lower level features or more difficult topics like that - you need to abstract a lot of things in game/software development anyway. :wink:
Like we have a variable a and a variable b - that we can understand.
We can also have a reference to a variable refa. Its type is written a little funny int32&. Yeah, it’s a little more difficult to understand, but don’t go too deep on this. Now refa is similar to a, they “hold” the same data. Using references is more efficient - that’s it. Also use const to not accidentally change original variable’s value. Don’t worry about how it works at this moment. You will learn it later (in this course or on your own) :wink: