Member function may not be redeclared outside its class

Hello, I’m stuck on chapter 13. I can’t build and i’m not experienced enough to diagnose the errors. I am getting these errors below and I am not sure how to fix them.

Second to last error message says you’re missing a semicolon.

Thank you, Dan. I should have solved that myself. I am still getting errors but I think this is due to the fact that I am using 4.22 for the Unreal VR course

Navigation System was changed in 4.20 so you mostly likely still have errors after this fix but… second to last error message again.

If you put this python script in the root of your project and execute it it will output the changes you need to make (need to have python installed)

I ran the script. cmd window pops up and closes immediately after

Open a terminal and then execute it from there.

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