Hi Folks,
Check out my “realm rush”, but + a couple of extra months of mornings before work to turn it into something original.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and is , I think, officially my first Game!

Original artwork (thanks MigicaVoxel mostly!)
…sounds are (mostly) from ZapSplat library and edited.

Only 2 levels, but, lots of features and a big step up for me in understanding how to build something like a game.

I definitely under estimated how much “extra” work was involved over just the coding and game idea … doing the menu’s, options intro, artwork etc has taken well over 50% of the time.

Very enjoyable process though!

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Good work!

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Wow, that’s amazing.

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Probably have the beginning cutscene where it pans over the level switch to the UI screen after the first finish. And after playing on easy difficulty it still feels very difficult, like the enemies will usually make it to computer thing after like 10 enemies and your screwed, figuring out how to use the mechanics with like the charge and then fire mechanic with the lockers and statue felt nonintuitive, and not fun to play over time, it’s more frustrating to use then anything. But the atmosphere and style you put into this game is very nice and sets a really good scene to what you’re getting into. I liked it but did not have fun with it.

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Thanks! …
Yeah, could defo see 1 million ways to improve, if I ever go back to it…
The trick with hard is to get both Turrets (you can set down 2!) out , and try to use the exploding pot plant to get 2 of the yellow guys at the same time, if you manage that sequence, then its just a question of timing the Steam Grate and the Laser eye statues, and hoping for the best! haha…
Having said that I’ve only ever beaten hard once or twice myself :wink:

Appreciate the feed back a lot, its definitely the most fun and satisfying thing I’ve ever made, so really motivating to see peoples reactions, even thoughts its very imperfect :slight_smile:

Wait how do you place the turrets? It wouldn’t let me place any down anywhere.

You have to right click and hold on a floor tile…for like about 3 or 4 seconds…it should make a building up rumble noise and will place a turret IF you have the energy available (needs something like 20% of total energy)
When you mouse over the tile, it will either highlight in red (cant place a turret here) or green (can place a turret here)…
I wanted to do a tutorial or something, as it is not intuitive, but, I simply couldn’t justify the amount of time it would have taken to make… I did to a “how to play” thing on the menu, but it is a bit low effort I admit!
I hope you give it another go with Turrets in mind (definately makes it possible to win)…
The trade off is in the amount of time it takes to spawn them in is high, so it’s a bit risk/reward…
Hope you succeed on hard, if so you’ll probably be the first person other than myself to do so :wink:

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Oh okay yeah I got it now, and yeah that was actually pretty fun now that I know how to use the turrets, the game feels almost impossible without them. I completed all of it on easy so that was pretty sweet. And yeah I’ll give it a go on hard to see if I can beat it.

And yeah I beat it on hard too, good job on it that was pretty intense.

Haha , man, thanks that’s so amazingly nice to hear :)…
I wish I could claim to have spent ages and ages getting the balance right, but I just got lucky with it tbh.
Really appreciate you taking the time to play it…