Mega Challenge "Furry Heads" fluffy Dodo

Greetings to everyone,

I want to show you my animal of choice, a dodo. I know normaly they have feathers, however I decided to make him more fluffy, like a chick.

I used Metaballs for the beginning and had problems while sculpting, because I didn’t mirror the object, so it was asymmetrical and the sculpt became a little annoying (solved with turning of mirroring in sculpt mode).

For the fur I retopology the body, I felt like, this would be more controlable to decide where the fur should be and where not.

After the fur and texture paint, I watched the videos untill I arrived to the part where the environment get explained. From that point I followed the course again.

My PureRef Board (I mainly referenced to the live action Dodo from Alice in Wonderland):


Amazing job, and great to see the progress that led to it!


The basic Blender approach for hair particles is to use a weight-painted density map. Which is just a bitmap colored blue for none and red for maximum hair parts.

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This little fella is adorable! Great job on the fur and the background.

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Thanks for the advice, I will try it out later ^^

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